What happens when you take the simple acts of breathing and moving and give it more attention and intention?…

…you have the start of dynamic and life-changing yoga practice.

“When we start to embody the principles of yoga within our practice, we start to embody them within our everyday lives.”

Our bodies are designed by nature to breathe energy in, move it around the body and then send it out. Through yoga we bring more attention and intention into this process, therefore, bringing greater potential and possibility to how this incredible flow of energy can enhance our health, wellbeing and extended out into how we live our lives.

“Whilst Yoga has incredible physical & mental benefits it is far more than just a stretch or fitness class”

This approach is not about gaining yoga merits of flexibility or to look good. It is a complete system that is about discovering the innate, deep and intimate connection to life that lives inside each and every one of us. It’s an embodiment practice that unites the body, mind and breath… uniting us back into a feeling of wholeness.

“When we are truly in our bodies then we can be more truly in our lives.”