Please read through the ‘Health & Fitness Statement’ and ‘Class Guidelines’ before attending your first class.

Health & Fitness Statement

I confirm, that in my opinion, I am physically able to participate in the exercises and movements that are involved within Hatha Yoga, such as but not limited to…

  • gentle stretching and deep breathing
  • mobilising the joints and the spine
  • bearing some weight on the hands and knees
  • standing and floor based postures and movements
  • movements that go from standing to the floor and vice versa

…and confirm that I will not attempt these exercises and movements if I am unable to participate without injuring myself.

I understand that if I have any medical conditions, injuries or physical difficulties; such as but not limited to…

  • spinal injury or back pain
  • ankle, knee, hip, wrist or shoulder joint injury or pain
  • muscular injury or pain
  • orthopaedic conditions
  • high blood pressure or diagnosed cardiac conditions
  • recovering from an illness
  • currently taking any medication

…that I will seek my own medical / professional advice before attending the class.

Class Guidelines

  • Please advise the teacher before the class if you have any medical conditions, injuries or physical difficulties that may affect your ability to participate safely in the class.
  • You are recommended not to eat at least 1 hour beforehand.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive, latecomers may not be allowed to joined.
  • Wear clothing suitable for dynamic movement, i.e. t-shirt & tracksuit bottoms or leggings. We practice barefoot or with grip socks. Please use the toilets for changing.
  • If you easily get cold, please bring a blanket or warm clothing for the relaxation.
  • Please turn off the sound on all devices or anything that might distract you away from the practice.
  • Please leave all belongings, including water bottles and devices at the back of the room.
  • Mats and blocks are available for you to use, if you have your own please bring them along.
  • The class usually starts in a lying posture with breathing exercises, followed by the movement practice, ending with a lying down relaxation.

Richard is available before class or feel free to contact him if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above.

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